Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oops, late posts this week

This week's selections were posted on the main Fingertips site a day later than usual this week, so they've been up there a few days, but somehow in my scurrying around I forgot entirely about posting them here. Oops. But it's okay because there won't be any more new MP3s reviewed until January at this point, so it's not like these songs will be bumping into a new batch very quickly.

What's happening next week is I'll be posting a list of my top 20 favorite free and legal MP3s of the year. Bigger news is that I'm also busy working on a site redesign which will merge the main site and the blog--which means no more forgetting to post here, thank goodness. Lots of tedious work to do between now and then. WordPress here we come. Eventually.

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