Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free and legal MP3 from Emily Neveu (lo-fi, reverb-drenched, but w/ a sturdy melody and lovely vocals)

"My Cosmonaut" - Emily Neveu
     Not many lo-fi, reverb-drenched songs sneak through the Fingertips filter (certainly not as many as are out there) but this one struck my ears as a keeper, for at least a couple of reasons. To begin with, there's that appealing acoustic guitar riff in the introduction--appealing because it moves musically (many lesser songs will use an acoustic guitar as a kind of place-keeper, via monotonous strums) and because the chords themselves are refreshing (i.e. not just basic chords, but inversions, which are played higher up the neck). Second, there's Neveu's cloud-like voice and the layered way she's recorded it; such soft tones she sings with, but that doesn't keep her from experimenting with some intriguing harmonic intervals. Third and maybe best of all, this is one sturdy melody, from the ancient undertones of the folk-like verse to the distilled beauty of a chorus that hinges, poignantly, on a suspended chord.
     The 26-year-old, Berkeley-based Neveu has played in the bands Calico Horse, Clock Work Army, and Indian Moon. She is currently preparing a solo album, on which "My Cosmonaut" is slated to appear. She offers a nice assortment of free and legal MP3s--both her unreleased solo stuff and band songs--on her web site. And Radiohead fans may also want to check out her charming, front-porch cover of "Idioteque," via Lefse Records. When it emerges, the solo album will be out on Lefse.

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