Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Free and legal MP3 from the Futureheads (neo-New Wave, and then some)

"Struck Dumb" - the Futureheads
     The 21st century has not been lacking in New Wave revival bands, with their metallic guitars, punchy rhythms, and clipped British-sounding vocals (whether actually British or not). When bands fall flat in the effort it's when they get the sound right but forget to give us a worthy song in the process. So-called angularity is a notably two-dimensional quality. The ear needs more to feel satisfied.
     The Futureheads, a Sunderland (UK) quartet with three albums now under their belt, have a couple of extra things going here. First, to their spiky neo-New Wave sound they bring an intriguing outside element:
walls of harmony. It's an attractive addition to my ears, a kind of Devo-meets-Queen vibe that works unexpectedly well. Second, the song moves musically in a way a lot of similar-sounding songs--some by the Futureheads themselves, I might add--do not. Yes, that Jam-like introduction is fun and effective, but it succeeds, to my ears, precisely because the song isn't content to stay put. Sometimes this can be a simple matter of finding the right chord at the right time. The first place I hear the song open up is at 0:31, on the line "Stop living in the clouds"--it's subtle, but the chord they move through there has a wonderful theatricality to it, and it foreshadows what we'll hear in the chorus moments later. Listen in particular to the line "Negativity is controlling your dreams," beginning at 0:44, and how the chorus takes a left turn from there. We remain on the one hand within the tight sonic world of the neo-New Wave and yet also we've been launched out of it. Everything still wraps up in under three minutes, which is another triumphant gesture.
     "Struck Dumb" is from the Futureheads' upcoming album, as yet without a title or a release date, although some time in 2010 is a safe bet. MP3 via Spinner.

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