Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Fingertips will be on spring break this week. New selections will return on or around April 6. In the meantime, a few suggestions:

* Catch up on older featured songs. From the feedback I get, I know that lots of people don't manage to listen to all three songs every week, even when they intend to. You can go back here on the blog and listen via the play buttons next to each song, or you can go to the main site's "This Week's Finds" page and use the media player there.

* Read the playlists essay. Yeah, okay, it's long--about the length of a feature in a traditional magazine. I trust that your attention span is up for it.

* Listen to some music offline, and mindfully. This is a radical idea, and is based on a blog post I recently read by an L.A.-based musician named Eric Jensen. He suggests both making a special place you can listen to music and setting aside a special time when you can give it your full attention. I really like this idea and may even put my old turntable back into action so I can listen from a comfortable couch, with a glass of wine, and an album cover in my hand.

* Or, just go out for a walk. Never a bad idea, any time of year.


muruch said...

I'm Luddite of sorts, no internet at home, still listen to CDs in a stereo (preferably in the car), and I read actual, type on paper books. I obviously have a computer and also an mp3 player, but I've noticed I'm much more likely to give a negative review to mp3 albums than physical CDs. Partly because of the sound quality, but I think atmosphere/attentiveness is a very important factor in how we perceive and how much we enjoy music. And getting away from the computer in general is a vital factor in how we perceive and how much we enjoy life.

Jeremy said...

I'm impressed you don't have internet at home, Vic. Actually admire that. And here I thought I was something of a dissenter simply because I don't have a laptop or a smart phone. So when I'm out of the house, I'm offline. Definitely agree that time away from the screen is not only important but nourishing.