Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Attention winners of the Top 10 contest from October 10!

Sorry to bug everyone else but this message goes only to the three people who won the Top 10 contest from October 10. Thanks to a bit of prodding by one of the winners, I just realized I gave the wrong email address out, so anyone who's emailed me at that address, well, I never got it.

I'm sensitive about putting my email address into a post here on the blog for fear of spamming--this is no doubt how I messed the address up in the first place--but let's just say you assemble my address but making one word of "fingertips" and "music" and then hooking it up with gmail. Put the "at" sign in the right place, add the dot com and you're all set.

Please do contact me if you were one of the winners. I want to be able to send you your prize!

Many apologies for the screw-up at my end and associated inconveniences. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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