Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fingertips Top 10, currently (with impromptu contest)

The Fingertips Top 10 has turned almost entirely over since the last time I posted it, which was in August; just three songs remain from that list. Anyone interested in an impromptu contest, how about this: the first three people who can each identify one of the three songs that are still on the list from the last top 10 post on the blog can pick a CD for free from the Fingertips Prize Closet. Just because. Leave a comment below, and I'll leave an answering comment corroborating each winner and let you know how to get your prize.

Again, there are three songs that remain from the last top 10 posting. Your job is to identify just one of them. Once someone identifies one of them, he or she is the first winner, and for you to be another winner, you must identify one of the remaining two. Likewise, the last winner will have to identify the remaining one.

Note that all comments are moderated. I'll try to stay on top of them, but it is the weekend, meaning I'm not always at my desk, so there may be some delay between your posting it and it appearing.

Okay, here's the current list. You'll have to look for the last one on your own.

1. "She Comes to Me" - Adam Arcuragi
2. "Gloomy Monday Morning" - the Black Hollies
3. "Madeline, Every Girl" - Cameron McGill & What Army
4. "Turpentine" - Vandaveer
5. "Tammie" - the Dø
6. "Gold and Warm" - Bad Veins
7. "Gold Rush" - Basia Bulat
8. "Turning Into You" - Wheels On Fire
9. "A Bus Called Further" - Heroes of Popular Wars
10. "Hoping and Waiting" - the Hush Now

Good luck to one and all. To find out if you're a winner, I'd suggest waiting till Sunday night or so to check back in.


Ayla said...

"Gold and Warm" by Bad Veins is still on. Good choice! :P

Jeremy said...

That's one of them. You're the first winner. Now you just have to go to the Prize Closet page on the main site, find a CD you'd like for free, and then let me know via email (send to prizecloset at gmail; don't forget the dot com). Email also if you have any further questions.

J. said...

The Dø's "Tammie" is another. To quote the other commenter - good choice!

Jeremy said...

J., you're the second winner. Same instructions to you: you can go to the Prize Closet page on the main site, find a CD you'd like, let me know via email, and we'll go from there.

Melody said...

"Turning Into You" by Wheels of Fire should be the last one still up! Love them all really.

Jeremy said...

Melody - You got it, that's the third and last one. As with the other two winners, you are invited to visit the Prize Closet page on Fingertips, find a CD you'd like and let me know via email (again: prizecloset at gmail, with of course dot com after gmail).

Peter said...

My favorite that wasn't on the last top 10 is "Gold and Warm" - Bad Veins. It provides a slightly unrefined sound that I crave in songs. Too many times has that sound disappeared after an artist has signed.