Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free and legal MP3 from the Medders (sweeping, melancholy ballad w/ country-western roots)

"Gunslinger" - the Medders
     A sweeping, melancholy ballad with solid (but not annoying) country-western roots, "Gunslinger" tells a woeful tale with care, finesse, and canny harmonies. Constructed without a chorus, the song steadfastly repeats an eight-measure melody, with some instrumental breaks, all the while building in intensity both musically and lyrically. I like the great combination of deliberation and power on display, which gives this slower-paced song a vehemence normally achieved, in rock, through speed and volume. And the male-female harmonies are not just a boon but may well be the ultimate key to how well "Gunslinger" works, adding to the song's pathos and musicality simultaneously. The all-male Medders employed singer Priscilla Jeschke for the job; note she is also lead singer Cheyenne Medders' girlfriend.
     The Medders are a quartet from Nashville featuring three brothers--Cheyenne, Carson, and Will--who themselves are the sons of singer/songwriter Jule Medders. Their self-titled, self-released, and self-assured debut album is scheduled for a September release.

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Excellent review of an excellent band. What talented musicians --The Medders!!!