Monday, February 23, 2009

Five free and legal MP3s but no reviews this week

Fingertips is taking a late winter vacation. There will be no "This Week's Finds" this week. The home office will be shut down through February 28. "This Week's Finds" will return on Monday March 2 (or, okay, maybe Tuesday March 3).

For those who would like some new music, albeit without the usual commentary, here are links to five songs I've been listening closely in recent days (or, in some cases, weeks). Any one of these may yet end up featured with a review, but you can take a listen in advance and see how they strike you:

* "My Maudlin Career" - Camera Obscura
* "Better at the End of the Day" - Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles
* "The Ancient Common Sense of Things" - Bishop Allen
* "Everything All at Once" - the Rest
* "The Sun and the Earth" - Middle Distance Runner

Note that three of these bands--Camera Obscura, Bishop Allen, and Middle Distance Runner--have been previously featured on Fingertips. You can look them up via the Master Artist List. Bishop Allen has appeared twice previously, in fact (note to self: put these guys in the Select Artist Guide already).

And consider taking the time you're saving this week by not having to read three lengthy MP3 reviews and using it to become a fan of Fingertips on Facebook or, perchance, a follower of Fingertips on Twitter. It's easy and, apparently, fun.


theneedledrop said...

My Mauldin Career is going to an awesome Camera Obscura album, I know it.

Anonymous said...

Great song from Sarah and the band ... please join us in supporting their work.

SBBS Fan Club