Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fingertips Top 10 update

Since last we checked into the Fingertips Top 10, some changes have been made. As of April 22, here's what it looks like:

1. "Beyond the Door" - 13ghosts
2. "Boys" - the Autumns
3. "Neal Cassady" - the Weather Underground
4. "Cat Swallow" - the Royal Bangs
5. "Bodyguard" - Dawn Landes
6. "Torn Blue Foam Couch" - Grand Archives
7. "To Be Gone" - Anna Ternheim
8. "Big Sound" - the M's
9. "One, Two, Three!" - I Make This Sound
10. "Buildings and Mountains" - the Republic Tigers

There have been six changes in the chart since the last blog post about it in February, the most recent addition being Anna Ternheim's lovely "To Be Gone." As Fingertips only features high-quality free and legal MP3s, you really can't go wrong with anything written about on the site, but the Top 10 is my way of pointing you towards ten especially wonderful songs at any given time. Songs remain in the Top 10 for a maximum of three months, before they are retired to the Retired Top 10 Songs page, logically enough.

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