Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Updates to the Fingertips Top 10

The Fingertips Current Top 10 now looks like this:

1. "He Keeps Me Alive" - Sally Shapiro
2. "Parables" - Rebekah Higgs
3. "Cherry Tulips" - Headlights
4. "Boys" - the Autumns
5. "The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing" - I Am Bones
6. "Gila" - Beach House
7. "Saturday Night" - Pale Young Gentlemen
8. "The Silence Between Us" - Bob Mould
9. "Heaven" - Club 8
10. "On the Chin" - Grey Race

The most recent addition was the number four song, "Boys," by the Autumns, but lots of changes have been made since the last blog post about the chart back in late November.

The Fingertips Current Top 10 is an ever-shifting listing of ten extra-good free and legal MP3s, worth keeping an eye on if you can't keep up with the posted songs week to week. You may want to check the Retired Top 10 page too, for that matter--lots of good stuff to be had there that you also may have missed.

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