Sunday, November 25, 2007

Check out free and legal music from Nicole Atkins

The latest addition to the Fingertips Select Artist Guide is Nicole Atkins. Here's the entry, as found on the Select Artist Guide page of the main Fingertips site:

Nicole Atkins
The New Jersey-based Atkins has a big voice, a healthy respect for music history, and a heady command of the craft of songwriting. I'm pretty sure she's going places beyond the "This Week's Finds" page (where she has, so far, been featured
here and here). Between her first and second TWF appearance she was signed to a major label (Sony's Red Ink imprint); even so, I'm happy to report that her music still sounds great, and (even more unusually) free and legal MP3s remain online so you can hear for yourself. The only problem is the four MP3s she has available are not all in one place. Check out "Skywriters" and "Carouselle" by following the links to the TWF blurbs, earlier in this paragraph; "Party's Over" is available via Sony, here, and "Bleeding Diamonds" via the SXSW site, here (thanks to Frank at Chromewaves for gathering these together and reminding me I wanted to do this entry).

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The Select Artist Guide on the main Fingertips site is a list of artistically notable bands and/or musicians offering free and legal music to download on the web. "Artistically notable" is the key phrase. This is most definitely a select list, as the title indicates. There are many many (many) musicians on the web offering free and legal MP3s. Relatively few of them will be listed within the Select Artist Guide; the intent is to point you to quality artists who offer at least two (and in most cases more) free and legal MP3s online and to show you exactly where to find them. There are currently 80 artists featured, including the Arcade Fire, Neko Case, Kathleen Edwards, Midlake, Okkervil River, the Shins, and Tom Waits.

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